At Sabenza IT - We Are People  
“You either live long enough to die the Hero or see yourself become the villain”. One of the most iconic quotes in the comic book world and also my favourite, well top 100 anyway. Having always been an avid reader and comic book enthusiast, Allan certainly is the poster boy for Sabenza’s Nerd. In 2019 he had the privilege to MC Comic Con Africa and Corona willing, will return in 2020. When he is not talking comics and all things Marvel and DC, he strives to be the hero in many people’s story. He joined the Sabenza team on 4th July 2019 (His own little independence day) and after a brief adjustment period signed up new clients and made successful placements with them. Most delegates he interacts with say they thought it was a scam at first as they had never had such a fantastic experience before and they quickly spread the word to colleagues on the market. When asked his secret to being so successful, he merely responded “It is a mixture of mainly 50% Mad Skills and 50% Luck.”
“A crazy, fun loving , go-getter whom got a few ugly cards dealt in life but that hasn’t stopped me as a single mom, who’s pride and joy is my 5 year old son. He is the reason I am whom I am and whom I strive to be. I aim to do good and be good in all that is set out for me to do. I love to interact with people and one of the many  reasons that I enjoy my job as I feel in recruitment you are bound to form personal relations with both your candidates and clients.”
“My Name is Caroline Crafford. I was originally born in the United States of America and moved to South Africa in 2008 with my family. I have since married and had 2 beautiful children. I became part of the Sabenza Team in November 2019. When I am not working I am spending time with friends and family usually having a braai. For me recruitment is about helping others find better opportunities for better growth.”
Our love of Life – We are people