Working From Home

Working from home, is remote work really the future?

A lot of Industry experts have theorised that with the 4th revolution, we would have persons working off-site more than on-site and many companies moving towards remote work. Forbes published an article in which it indicated that when lockdown occurred, nearly 50% of the entire USA had been working remotely, this includes 55 years and older. Which begs the question, would we be able to increase our pension age thanks to remote work mitigating injuries in the workplace?

South Africa might not yet be on par with the USA when it comes to infrastructure, however many companies already had their VPN’s in place prior to Covid-19 hitting us for a 6 like Shahid Afridi against SA back in 2013. The Servers maintained as not everyone had been using it at the same time. We have seen servers crashing, reduced internet speed and service providers having to upgrade lines due to the added strain. This was infact reactive and not proactive. Why should our infrastructure not be full capacity ready?

At Sabenza we are fortunate enough to have great leadership that also believes in being Pro-active. We went into full remote working a week before lockdown and all the homes were made fully operational. Staff were paid half their salaries in advance to ensure they have sufficient food in their homes and to purchase sanitising products and masks and we let our clients know we are still 100% here for them, ready to assist with sourcing only the best delegates as we have prior to Covid-19.

I was asked what Sabenza IT’s differentiating factor is (Thanks to the mentorship of a Great man and Two Dr’s who specialise in business development, I knew what this meant) and I didn’t have to think very hard to know. If you ask any of my delegates that I have successfully placed, is I do not remove the human factor from the process. I warn them that like the Memory of South Africa beating the English in the last world cup (hopefully not ever), I will always be there for them. We take an interest in our clients and get to know our candidates. This is what makes me so successful.

We do not know what the future holds, but we are certain that we will most probably will not be back to “business as usual”. We do know this for sure: whatever the future holds, be it remote work, infrastructure upgrades or expansion of your companies IT capabilities… Sabenza IT will be right there with you, assisting with the same amount of enthusiasm and energy we have for the last 20 years.

Stay Safe and Stay Home!